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    Frequently Asked Questions

    2023 Referendum

    What is a referendum?
    Can you ‘win’ a referendum?
    How do I vote in a referendum?
    When will the referendum be held?
    What will the 2023 referendum question be?

    Together, Yes

    What is Together, Yes?
    Who is behind Together, Yes?
    Is Together, Yes working with First Nations people?
    I’m voting yes, isn’t that enough?

    Kitchen Table Conversation Process

    What is a ‘kitchen table conversation’?
    What is a 'Conversation Host'?
    I’m a bit nervous that people will disagree and argue ….
    Do I need to be an experienced facilitator to be a conversation host?
    How do I register?
    How do I get a group together?
    When should I hold a group?
    How many conversations does a group have?
    Where can we meet?
    Can I be a conversation host with someone else?
    Is there an ideal group size?
    How long do kitchen table conversations go for?
    Do I have to do it in person?
    Can I do it on Zoom?
    Is there a hard copy version?
    Why do I need to wait until May to start?
    What materials will I get to help me run this group?
    Where can I learn more?