Sign our Open Letter and show your support for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

    We invite you to stand united with us in support of a crucial cause dear to our hearts — an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament.

    As part of our ‘Women for Yes’ campaign, it is time to recognise and embrace the voices of Indigenous Australians within our nation’s democratic framework.

    By signing our open letter, you join a powerful grassroots movement of Australians who actively support a Yes vote. In turn, we will do everything in our power to amplify the impact of our Open Letter over the coming weeks, as we all work together to bring the referendum home.

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    Women For Yes


    We are from all walks of life and experience. We speak with our own voice.

    We understand as women what it means to struggle for our human rights. And we know from the public record that women have made lasting differences on much-needed social and democratic reform.

    We acknowledge the historic wrongs committed against Australia’s First Nations people over two centuries and more. We pay tribute to the past and present leadership of Indigenous women across Australia in their long, courageous struggle for justice for their families and communities.

    Most of us can only imagine what it has been like for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families — dispossessed of traditional lands and brutally killed in large numbers; adult men and women removed to reserves; children taken away, removed from family; children jailed for minor offences; language and culture destroyed.

    Generations of ongoing trauma, discrimination and hardship play out today, affecting the lives of too many Indigenous Australians, their children, and grandchildren.

    Trust has been broken. We can rebuild it.

    The Uluru Statement From The Heart graciously invites us to walk with Indigenous Australians toward a better future for all. We ache to do so. We take pride in what Australian women have achieved in terms of civic action and nation-building. But we can do so much more.

    We want to be part of a hopeful, forward-looking Australia, a nation prepared to forge a new compact between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. We want to be part of a new understanding and practical approaches that are underpinned by recognition, respect, and fairness. Such a new accord starts with the meaningful recognition of First Peoples in the Australian Constitution; and enshrining a Voice to Parliament.

    We see the Voice to Parliament as a simple, positive, and practical proposal. When Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a say in policies affecting their lives, we can be more confident that their experience, knowledge, and wisdom will be heard, valued, and fashioned into more appropriate policies and programs which make a real difference to their lives as well as benefitting our entire nation.

    We see the forthcoming referendum as a once in a lifetime chance to bring about an historic reform, by voting Yes in the referendum. Women for Yes. Let’s make it happen.


    Join the movement, sign today.

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    Authorised by Mary Crooks AO, Victorian Women’s Trust, 137A Queens Parade, Clifton Hill, Victoria. Women For Yes is an initiative from Together, Yes in support of an Indigenous Voice to parliament. Together, Yes is a harm prevention campaign by the Victorian Women’s Trust as Trustee of the Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls.

    Meet our Women for Yes

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      Belinda Duarte

    • 3

      Fiona Stanley AC

    • 2

      Leanne Miller AM

    • 4

      Mary Crooks AO

    • 5

      Maria Dimopolous AM

    • 7

      Duré Dara OAM

    • Women For Yes_Speakers_Square Still

      Ilona Lee AM

    • 10

      Julianne Schultz AM

    • 6

      Alana Johnson AM

    • 9

      Sally Capp AO

    • 11

      Supriya Singh

    • 12

      Tanja Kovac

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