Together, Yes aims to generate a huge groundswell of community support for a Voice to parliament by people coming together and holding Kitchen Table Conversations about the central issues.


    This will occur in two stages:


    Between February 2023 onwards, we will:

    • Urge thousands of companies, businesses, NGOs, faith communities, MPs and many others to encourage their staff, communities and constituents to take up the call and become Conversation Hosts;
    • Hold Community Information Sessions in each capital city and several regional cities for people to learn more about Together, Yes and take up the opportunity to become Conversation Hosts; and
    • Prepare materials and supports for Conversation Hosts to use in group discussions


    From May 2023 onwards, Kitchen Table Conversations will take place around the country. Here’s why:

    • Solidarity: a common starting period provides an important and visible display of community solidarity.
    • Significant dates: the commencement of these Together, Yes nationwide Conversations coincides with both the anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, and the Uluru Statement from the Heart in 2017.
    • Momentum: Timing is everything. By having these conversations May onwards, all participants will be in a strong position to continue talking with others in the community about the referendum right up until polling day (which is likely to occur in Oct).

    Want to get involved?

    Become a Conversation Host. Bring others with you.

    Get involved

    This campaign has been created by the Victorian Women’s Trust to enable many thousands of Australians from all walks of life to play a positive role in securing a YES vote in the 2023 referendum on an Indigenous Voice to parliament.