Update 16

    We've released 'Need to Know' a list of key facts and follow-ups to help you keep a positive conversation going.⁠

    From country gatherings to urban meetings, we’ve been heartened to see so many people continue to show up in strong support of Yes.

    To bring this referendum home, we need to keep working the ground and talking with others about the importance of writing YES on Oct 14.

    But we acknowledge it can be tough at times, especially with so much misinformation around.

    Much of the arguments from the “no” camp rely on fear, or worse, outrageous misrepresentations of what this referendum is really about.

    That’s why we’ve created Need to Know, a new section on the Together, Yes website.

    With key facts and follow ups, Need to Know will support you to counter arguments against the Voice, with respect.

    So let’s keep having positive conversations about the referendum and the incredible potential of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Voice to parliament. Thank you for staying the course and standing with us. 
    Head to www.togetheryes.com.au/need-to-know to learn more.

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