Update 17

    We've taken out full page ads in support of the Voice!

    Big news — thanks to donations from the community, on Thurs 5 October we published full page ads that speak directly to Australian women from Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, and Chinese communities. 

    These ads feature translations of our open letter, Women For Yes, which strongly supports the Voice and constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

    Our ads appeared in the national Greek community newspaper Neos Kosmos, Italian language paper Il Globo, the Australian China Daily, and Vietnamese paper Adelaide Tuần Báo.

    Image: Extracts from the various ads in Greek, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, and Italian. Headline reads in English: “Women For Yes”.

    We’ve taken this step for a number of reasons —

    • Women from migrant and refugee communities are likely to empathise with First Nations people, as many have also suffered dispossession, dislocation and tensions that harmed their loved ones and communities
    • Stats show that up to 18 per cent of non-Anglo voters are yet to decide their position on the October 14 referendum

    Renowned feminist and human rights lawyer, Maria Dimopoulos said that, “this open letter presents a powerful case for why women should vote Yes.”

    Translations of our open letter, Women For Yes, are freely available on our Together, Yes referendum campaign website.

    If you know someone who would appreciate reading the letter in their own language, make sure to pass it on as soon as possible.

    Languages include:

    We are grateful to each and every person who made a financial contribution towards these translations and advertisements.

    With the days ticking down to the referendum on October 14, we see it as our civic duty to continue to press for a positive referendum result. Thank you for standing with us for yes and unity.

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